Training Hall

At Distinct Consult & Associates, we offer convenient, professional space for conference meetings; training, seminar, or workshop with the perfect ambience required of a facility for professional events. Our training rooms can be configured to suit any kind of professional event.

Our clients range from government establishments to private organizations and private individuals. Our greatest assets are our dedicated staff equipped with the proper training and motivation to meet each client’s needs. Our facility is located in the Central Business District (Lagos Chamber of Commerce Building) Alausa, Ikeja, Lagos. Additionally, we have put in place, Nigeria Centre for Disease Control Procedures for Covid-19 prevention in our facility.

Management and Human Resources Consulting & Outsourcing

Our Management and Human Resources Consulting & Outsourcing cover the following areas:

  • Improving internal HR processes and systems as well as developing HR tools and policies
  • Human resource audits and IT audits
  • Specialized services such as building the capacity of human resource professionals.
  • HR analytics, reporting and outsourcing Services
  • Special training tailored to organizational needs in HR programmes finance and operations.

Training and Management Development

We offer training and management development programs to employees of both public and private institutions in improving their skills and abilities. The training helps employees to line up their skills with changing jobs and add value to them for the growth of their organizations.

The fundamental goals of several employee development programs are to deliver the mission of the organization and support workers to learn the culture of the organization.  These objectives provide help to the strategic goals of the business by facilitating learning chances and support organizational culture. The requirements for a technical training program for employees will go a long way in raising their job satisfaction and help them to understand the culture of the   organization, which will lead to the success of the organization